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Bańczyk Stomatologia is more than a family business. It’s a centre of healthy, beautiful smiles where together with a group of trusted experts, we share a belief in being able to provide the highest standards in every area of dentistry. No compromises, no half-measures. In full respect of your idea of a perfect smile.

Anna i Łukasz Bańczyk

Łukasz Bańczyk

I am a dentist, maxillofacial surgeon with 13 years of experience, who is truly guided by the well-being of the patient in my work. Therefore, I do not accept any compromises, I do not use half-measures and I choose the best, most modern methods of complex treatment. I carry out even the most difficult procedures of bone regeneration, maxillary sinus lift, navigated implants, full mouth reconstruction and restoration of proper chewing function.


I am passionate about a spectacular result, a healthy and beautiful smile in my patients. I learned Swiss precision and the pursuit of perfection from international pioneers of modern dentistry like Prof. Hürzeler, Dr. Zuhr, Dr. Zastov, Prof. Urban, Prof. Khoury. Together with my wife Anna, I have been running a clinic where we put patients first.

Anna Bańczyk

I am a dentist with passion and vocation. I specialise in aesthetic dentistry, which requires specialist knowledge and manual skills developed over the years. I focus on the treatment of occlusal disease, full mouth rehabilitation according to the methodology of Prof. Slavick. I help my patients free themselves from headaches and muscle pain, as well as pathological tooth wear resulting from improper bite. I always prepare an individual treatment plan based on a medical history, examination of the muscles, teeth and cervical spine. I solve patients’ problems by getting to the underlying cause.

Anna Bańczyk lekarz stomatologii

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