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Wierzymy, że piękny uśmiech
jest w stanie otworzyć przed Tobą każde drzwi.

Wierzymy, że piękny uśmiech jest w stanie otworzyć przed Tobą każde drzwi.

We believe that a beautiful smile can open all doors for you.


Our philosophy

We are driven by the change in our patients’ quality of life, their joy and increased confidence. We perform even the most difficult procedures because our team are experts and pioneers in the field of dentistry. We focus on the highest quality, we are not satisfied with mediocrity. A whole staff of specialists will work on your perfect, new smile. Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to the patient, combining Swiss precision with an Italian approach to beauty. We are constantly evolving, learning to meet even the greatest challenges. Every bite (teeth) and smile reconstruction carried out is a complex process, which we will take care of for you. All you have to do is tell us your goal and we will find a way to achieve it. The treatment we offer uncovers the causes of teeth grinding, teeth clenching, joint pains, and headaches that often result from malocclusion or posture. We perform a full mouth rehabilitation so that you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

Success consists of many elements including:

Yes, our approach is different from what you may know from other dental practices. We care about your satisfaction, the end result, but also your comfort. We make sure that the whole process is almost painless and stress-free for you. We know how important are the emotions in the process of change, that is why we will take care of you comprehensively. You will be convinced during your first consultation with Dr Łukasz Bańczyk.

Our patients' testimonials: